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People who informed about mental health issues
Adults & Kids received psychiatric evaluation
People received psychological support

Who we are

The Association for Mental Health [SOPSI] Patras which was founded in 2003,is a mixed association ,that co- consists of people dealing with problems of mental health, their family caretakers, volunteers, professionals for mental health and sensitizing citizens more about this issue.

Our history

October 2016

The SOCIAL COOPERATIVE INTEGRATION FUNCTION began called «GEFYRES». This is the first café in Patra where people dealing with mental illness work-members of SOPSI PATRAS. The café contributes to the professional and social reintegration of people with mental health issues which in this way offers them the right of employment and at the same time looking after their psycho-social  reinstatement.

Gefyres Cafe

«GEFYRES» is made up of  brave actions against the isolation, prejudice and stigma that is associated with mental illness. The purchase of the equipment and the overall creation of the café was implemented due to the generous support of VINCI association. Address: 86 Patreos Street , Telephone: 2610623963.

February 2019 

Day care centre for mental patients was created and called «GEFYRES ZOIS» which consists of a group of psycho-social support and reinstatement and integration for the collective effort of the PROGRAMME PSYCHIATRIC REFORM [ΨΥΧΑΡΓΩΣ-PSIHARGOS] by the MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SOLIDARITY.

Groups, claims, rallies, conferences, talks, training, educational programs, trips, excursions for mental health ,camp empowerment, celebrations, concerts, awards, events and more reflect the course of the Association for mental health -SOPSI PATRAS from when it started until the present.

Our Services

Day care centre «GEFYRES ZOIS» of the association for Mental Health -SOPSI PATRAS:

The association SOPSI PATRAS during a period of financial -social crisis took on an important role in the local community. It developed the centre for daily care for people with mental health problems «GEFYRES ZOIS»  which constitutes a net of protection for the people with mental health issues and their families.

All of the services are provided for free by SOPSI PATRAS and without delay from 9 am until 8 pm by experienced and scientifically qualified employees and volunteers.

Objectives and activities of the Day Center:

The function of the Day Centre aims at


The prevention of relapse, avoidance and reduction of the time needed for psychiatric hospitalization of people with mental health issues.


The exploration of their potential and subsequent needs in order  to establish an individual reintegration program for each person.


The integration of that individual through a range of sociotherapeutic activities.


Awareness: sensitivity of the community with the aim of lifting the social stigma.

Services Provided:

Psychiatric evaluation and intervention.

Electronic prescription for medicine.

Individual counseling, support, psychotherapy.

Program for psychosocial reinstatement.

Services for evaluation, intervention and support for children.

Intervention with psychoeducation and psychosocial support for the care takers.

Program for the prevention and the promotion of mental health.

The function of Social Co-operative Company [Κοιν.Σ.Επ.] Ιntegration «GEFYRES».

Activities of the Day Centre:

Daily program of group activities.

Individual and group psychological support.

Development of groups socially and individually.

Work therapy, mild exercise and art.

Participation in cultural, sports and social events.

At «GEFYRES ZOIS» » of SOPSY PATRAS the following are also provided:

Meeting place for social events , relaxation and reading

At this meeting place a variety of social activities take place such as plays, musical nights and cultural nights ,bazaars.

Lending Library and reading are

There is a lending library, reading area and there will be navigation on the internet through wireless connection [WI-FI].This specific area operates for the purpose of the social interaction between those who benefit from this area and the local community as a away to socially reinstate ,to strengthen social relationships and ultimately to develop solidarity and acceptance.

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